I truly believe the world needs more love. It needs to lift its vibrations, because if we do not, the world as we know it will continue to fall. I know many people have varied beliefs when it comes to faith… but I believe if we all look within most come to the conclusion that they all point back to the same, somewhere.

What is the difference between God and Source? God is believed to be separate from humans, and, as judge, decides whether we have lived good or bad lives and if we should be rewarded or punished for them. Source energy of unconditional love is shared by souls in the reality of the nonphysical world. There is no judgement made by Source on the illusion of human lives lived by souls in the physical world.

What is Source? The point of origin of all that is known by human beings, and of all that exists. It is the energy of unconditional love, the highest vibrational energy anywhere, and is found in everything. No human or animal body can live without some connection to source. Source makes no judgements and does not reward or punish souls.

What are souls? Individualized pieces of energy split off by and from Source, in order to have unique experiences outside the perfect. They are all particles of Source, so each and every soul is also Source. All souls are equal regardless of the human shell they have chosen to inhabit.

No matter WHO or WHAT you call Source… they all are the same and point to the same. BUT – for the most part, we have them all wrong. Specifically, we have GOD all wrong. He does not judge…. he does not punish. We put the fear of God into our children, but is that what we should be doing? Perhaps we should put the love of Source in our children. No doubt there is a higher energy we are connected to, but we look at why we are here all wrong.

Why would we come here just to be punished? Why would someone, something, (source) want us to fail, to punish us? This is NOT the case. We all make our own decisions in life, our Souls have decided on the life that we live before we even live it. We live and our souls learn. Our souls are here to learn lessons so that they may grow. Some of our souls are here to help others learn lessons.. and we grow together.

Do not pity those who lives are different or less then yours, for their soul has chosen this path. Instead, love them. Love everyone for who they are, no matter their life situation, their past or present. We all have chosen this life, and we all have free-will. God, Source, Creator, Mother Earth, Allah, Jesus, or any other God you look up to and pray to are all the same… different names, same source. But, due to the words of man, they have all come to be different… do different. If you can pull ONE thing out of all religions/faiths whatever you may call it… It is to LOVE one another.

We need more love on this planet… Less hate, more love. 

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