Spiritual Love… What is that to me?

My vision for this site started out of love. Love for the friends and family I have made within the spiritual community. Some of us have been in this spiritual world for quite a long time and some of us are just starting down this journey, but one common thing remains, the love. When you start to find your way… you open your heart to embrace it all. You open your heart to love everyone, because that is what this world needs more of, love.

Such beautiful souls and people. Such creativity and want to help change the world. How could you not love someone with these same desires? The open-minded souls open their arms for all, and understand just how vast and different this world is.

This was my hope for this site.. to SHARE just how endless this universe is.. just how loving this community is and what they have to share with the world.

Artists… Psychics… Mediums… Healers… beautiful, beautiful souls with one common thought, to share their gifts with the world to HELP it grow. To help it change.. and to love it. It’s time to start loving again, loving you again, healing. This is what our amazing members can do for you.

I wanted to create a site that allowed others with questions and concerns to come here and learn, to find someone who they connect with. Someone they could share with, learn with and grow with. THIS is what Meraki Soul Store is about. Sharing the love of creation.. the love of knowledge and the love from beyond.

Let’s grow this world together. That is Spiritual love.

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